ISLAMABAD (APP) - United Nations network in Pakistan and National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) are developing the first-ever National Fire Safety Policy, to avert future fire losses and ensure rapid response to such calamities. One UN and NDMA are collectively working on this first-ever National Fire Safety Policy with main objective to conduct an extensive study of existing legislation, codes and standards pertaining to the Emergency Services (Firefighting, Rescue and Ambulance) in the country. The UN System in Pakistan has noted that over past few years there has been a profound increase in the fire-related incidents in Pakistan, resulting in a large number of fatalities, including some responders, and a huge loss of properties. These massive fire incidents as well as growing transport accidents have duly attracted the attention of national and international communities who had realised the need for an immediate and effective emergency preparation, prevention and response system. To respond to this need, the NDMA started developing first-ever National Fire Safety Policy, in collaboration with the One UN system, for also mapping the Emergency Services in major cities and identification of measures to increase the effectiveness, coordination, standardisation and efficiency of existing Emergency Services. Additionally, NDMA is in the process of developing National, Provincial and District Emergency Operations Centers, Capacity Building, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and a National Data Base/Bank for resources of Emergency Services. As part of developing National Fire Safety Policy, about 150 fire/emergency related organization, departments, individuals, groups and other stakeholders have been identified for interaction. These include, Civil Defence Services of Pakistan, CDA, City District Fire and Rescue Services, Armed Forces, Civil Aviation, Nazims, DCOs, NGOs, Rescue 1122, Professional Associations, Educational institutions and Training Centers in all provinces and territories. NDMA believes that these interactive meetings with officials in high risk areas will be very useful to develop National Fire Safety Policy and ultimately will help minimize loss of precious human lives and damages caused by such unwanted emergencies and disasters etc. Therefore, One UN DRM Programme and NDMA have hired the services of Senior Marine Captain and a internationally renowned expert on the subject of Fire, Fire Safety and Emergency Response and Management. NDMA and One UN DRM Programme will be welcoming possible participation of professionals and general public in the process of developing a practicable unanimous National Fire Safety Policy and its effective implementation throughout the Pakistan. A Policy that, when implemented, would maximize response service delivery to citizens and safety of responders through optimum utilization of resources and workforce. In this regard, all organizations, departments, groups and interested individuals who may, in any way, be linked with emergency preparation, awareness, education, training, equipment or response would be welcome for preparing a comprehensive document.