ISLAMABAD - High prices of edibles, especially fruits, are keeping away the poor masses from bazaars making their Iftar tasteless even in the pious month of Ramazan. Iftar is the first meal after the daylong fast being observed during Ramazan and is often very rich. Thats why every person wants to have at least two to three fruit items for breaking the fast, but unfortunately most of the poor people even those of average income could not enjoy the time of breaking their fast due to surge in prices of fruits. Prices of goods frequently used in Ramazan have gone up and are expected to register further hikes, as the month proceeds, making life extremely miserable for the poor segment especially the already hard-pressed salaried class. The prices of fruits have become doubled and one could only think that how could a poor person makes his ends meet when even majority of devotees, who can afford to make their Iftar delicious with some fruits fear that the soaring food prices, particularly of fruits and vegetables have made their Iftar so expensive. The government has completely failed to control price hike and its anti-price hike campaign is limited to just statements. The prices of popular Iftar items have gone very high and sale of second and third grade fruits and vegetables also continued in the bazaars. As it has been learnt that contrary to governments claims nothing is going down. The ordinary dates, a ritual to break the daylong Ramazan fast, are being sold at Rs 150 to 200 per kilogram while banana that were priced in the range of Rs 40 to Rs 50 per dozen before the commencement of the holy month of Ramazan are now being sold at Rs 80 per dozen. Prices of peach went up to 180 a kilogram while guavas are being sold at Rs 90 per kilogram. The price of apples has increased from Rs 70 or Rs 80 to over Rs 100 per kg.