LAHORE - The days of PCB Chief Executive Officer Salim Altaf in the Pakistan Cricket Board seem to be numbered as opposition to his way of management as well as his erratic behaviour is mounting among the PCB top brass. Reports emanating from the board suggest that the PCB top brass has apparently got the backing of seven out of 10 governing board members for his sacking. Altaf has been part of last three PCB set ups. Since joining Shaharyar Mohammed Khan's led PCB, he has always ended up being dumped to sidelines for involvement in backdoor intrigues. Shaharyar Khan brought Altaf as a director in the PCB but there is something in his attitude that compelled the chairman to dump him to sidelines and he remained there till Shaharyar resigned in 2006. Shaharyar's successor Dr Nasim Ashraf restored Altaf to his previous position and also handed him the organising seat of the Champions Trophy. But Altaf again developed serious differences with the chairman and was not only marginalised in his position but also was sacked later for using abusive language against the PCB chairman and other board officials . However, he won his office back after he took the case to the court. Lately, when Ijaz Butt took over as chairman, Altaf returned with more powers as he was promoted as chief executive officer. But this time, he continued with his old ways and developed differences with the chairman. It has been learnt that his relations with the board officials turned sour early this year and another board official was handed over his assignments and since then, it is learnt, he has been creating problems in the PCB which has irked top officials including the chairman. Now it has been learnt that the PCB chairman has obtained seven out of 10 signatures from the governing board to oust Salim Altaf from his office and the likely announcement of his sacking would be made on Ijaz Butt's return from Dubai. Mr Butt is visiting Dubai to see the ICC officials and will look out for prospects of hosting New Zealand in the UAE like the Australian series was organised in Abu Dhabi and Dubai a few years back.