ISLAMABAD - The influential quarters have become active to implement their recently unfolded roadmap, which targets next 6 months to one year time frame for accepting Pakistan Peoples Partys future political role minus its incumbent co-chairman. Sources privy to the development in background interviews revealed to TheNation that there was a move to make President Asif Ali Zardari, who is also co-chairman of PPP, powerless through 18th Amendment by repealing 17th Amendment and the Article 58 (2) b of the Constitution. However, a close aide of the President, wishing not to be named, did not agree with the 'conspiracy theories, circulated at different levels, saying it was a 'longstanding wishful thinking of the same quarters, who once wanted PPP minus late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, and later in the 90s, PPP minus late Benazir Bhutto. The same old players once again started their game to oust President Zardari and divide PPP but I dont see any success in their designs, he said, adding that Zardari-led PPP was avoiding any power tussle or fight with those elements. PPP is not in a mood to fight them back right now as they want to disrupt the system and destabilize the government. We have good relations with all the stakeholders in the power, he insisted. When asked about the Presidencys ties with the establishment, he commented, The government should have good terms with the military and other players. I think there should not be any gap. Another source said the roadmap is there to bring changes at the highest level but it might take one year to materialise. There is unrest within the coalition government and within the leading coalition partner, PPP, but the iron is not yet hot for a strike, he hinted. While further unfolding the roadmap, sources disclosed that after clipping powers of the President, some investigative agencies would start making a charge sheet, mostly maligning the Presidency in the various corruption cases to pave the way for any possible action. Some anti-Zardari PPP leaders will also be taken on board in campaign against the PPP government. If Prime Minister could part ways with the Presidency then there might be introduction of a minus-2 formula, he pointed. But a government source highlighted if there is anything wrong at the top level the Public Account Committee headed by none other than the opposition leader, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan and he should probe the corruption cases in every department. PAC is an effective body and should play its due role in investigating the corruption cases and make names of involved persons public, he asserted. A source within the ruling coalition partners also confirmed there is 'something cooking up. The source also talked about strained relations among the major government players. But there is also no immediate alternate plan right now, he asserted. The establishment is also not at good terms with the major opposition parties including PML-N and others. Unless, a substitute system is not given, it is hard to take a practical step. However, sources within the PPP said Asif Zardari is currently having a strong hold over the party and the government as well. Establishment will face tough time from the party and its leadership if the move is enforced right now, they added.