It's quite evident from the recent developments in Islamabad and press news that US is going to expand it's embassy's territorial jurisdiction in Islamabad with additional marine force. I do not know what could be the hidden or ulterior motives behind all this activity? However, this should be taken as an act against our sovereignty and national interest that a US Marines Regional Headquarters is established in Islamabad. The real objective of this move will be exposed later but one could easily guess from the incident that took place this week in Islamabad diplomatic enclave what the future holds for us. In this incident, as narrated by a well-known and highly reputed daily having readership world wide, one of the US marines took the law into hand and humiliated the family of one Mr. Shamsullah Khan. Before this, a police officer narrated the story of a US diplomat's misbehavior in the local press. This is the beginning of open intervention by US in our sovereignty. Therefore, we must condemn it at all levels. -KHALID MUSTAFA, Islamabad, via e-mail, August 18.