President Asif Ali Zardari Thursday condoled the death of Senator Edward Kennedy, who died Tuesday, aged 77, after fighting a long battle with cancer.In a condolence message, the President said Edward Kennedy will be remembered both as a liberal legislator who aggressively pursued legislation on causes as diverse as voter rights and gun control. President Zardari termed him as a man of great personal courage and resilience who defied a series of personal misfortunes and tragedies on the other. He said Senator Kennedys death also brings to mind the extraordinary suffering, courage and tragedy of the Kennedys that truly endeared the family to many both in the US and abroad. Edward Kennedy has won huge admiration both for his dedication to liberal legislative causes and his resolute defiance of misfortunes and personal tragedies that seemed to visit the family too often, the President said in his message. Edward lived to see the Kennedy brothers hilarious rise to fame and fortune and also witness the tragedies and misfortunes that befell the family too often but he bore the vicissitudes of life with extraordinary courage and resilience, he said. The President said that Edward Kennedy was one of those who while they seem teetering on the edge of oblivion bounce back defying all odds. This is a rare quality that inspired many, he said. The President prayed for eternal peace for the soul of Edward Kennedy and also condoled with members of the bereaved family.