The President of Azad Kashmir, Sardar Yaqoob, has rightly stated that atrocities in Held Kashmir and negotiations cannot go on simultaneously. In fact this is what New Delhi has been doing for a very long time now. However, these tactics of talks as well as the abuse of human rights have understandably failed. The entire Valley is full of resentment against India and has been struggling to oust its security forces. Although the Kashmiris have been granted the right of self-determination by the UNSC, India has been using the most harsh and barbaric measures to suppress every voice of dissent. The recent discovery of mass graves containing thousands of innocent Kashmiris should open the eyes of the world community to the unspeakable nature of the crimes being committed by this so-called worlds biggest democracy. Yet defying the fear that such a reign of terror creates, the people of the Valley have refused give up their fight to rid themselves of the Indian yoke. While rightly condemning the arrest of Kashmiri leader Dr Fai by the US authorities, Sardar Yaqoob also held out the assurance that he would turn Azad Kashmir into a base camp for Kashmiri struggle for the assertion of self-determination. Given the pace of Kashmiri intifada, it is but logical to assume that it would not be long before India would have to give up its unjust and illegal occupation.