We're witnessing phenomenal changes in the world today. From the uprising in Tunisia, to the revolution of the masses in ousting Hosni Mubarak, to capture of Libyan capital by the rebels and to constant instability in Syria and Yemen, the Muslim World, is not the same as it was in last Ramadan. Things are changing, and much so for the better. The age of secular liberal dictatorships and liberal democracies is fast approaching a degenerative dead-end. The rulers of Pakistan, the establishment in particular, and the bureaucracy in general need to take note of these changes. These changes can only be viewed under two perspectives. One perspective would be to view these changes as being cosmetic, and as a result of foreign influence, and another perspective, a rather solid one in terms of the ground-root realities, would be to see these uprisings as the awakening of a sleeping giant; the awakening of an Ummah that has for too long witnessed oppression, tyranny and suppression of their rights. There's a saying of the Prophet stating that the best jihad is to speak the word of truth against a tyrant ruler. One thing is for sure - we can never be certain whether Pakistan will be immune to these uprisings or not. It is therefore of utmost importance for the establishment to take note of these dramatic and radical changes occurring in the Muslim world, and note that the underlining reasons of these uprisings, tyranny and oppression, are to be found in Pakistan as well; and that they need to decide now, and not later, what the masses really wish for. Do they wish for a secular liberal Pakistan, or do they seek a platform from which they can start a chain reaction for the reunification of the Muslim lands. The idea seems radical, yes, but all ideas that came into being, were in essence always termed 'radical'. Let the establishment take this challenge head on and establish Caliphate in Pakistan. ADEEL NAEEM, Lahore, August 26.