LAHORE The Public Facility Department of City District Government and regulation sections of all the towns of the City have failed to eliminate rapidly increasing encroachments from the bazaars and markets of the provincial metropolis ahead of Eidul Fitr. The encroachments are not only causing problems for the pedestrians but are also creating hurdles in smooth flow of traffic, a survey of bazaars in the City conducted by TheNation revealed. These rapidly increasing unlawful rehri bazaars in the markets are being set up by pushcart vendors without the permission of any authority and further they are not being checked by the security personnel for security point of view especially ahead of Eid when thousands of citizens visit the markets for shopping, said traders of different markets. They said that such vendors and uncountable pushcarts are also an open challenge for the security agencies and might increase security risks on the occasion of such an important festival. It was witnessed during the survey of bazaars that uncountable stalls, set up by the shopkeepers in front of their shops as well as illegal 'rehri bazaars on roadsides at almost all the shopping malls and in the major markets of the provincial metropolis have not only made the corridors of bazaars and roads narrowed but are also resulting in frequent traffic jams. Most of the encroached stalls and rehri bazaars were being set up on behalf of the shopkeepers by violating the orders of the authorities concerned. Further, pushcart vendors in fact are taking advantage of the relaxation, given by the authorities concerned of CDG on the ahead of Eid, who relaxed them despite knowing that they are creating problems for the visitors. The shoppers also have rushed the bazaars, markets and shopping malls for Eid shopping which is also resulting in parking problems in all the markets of the provincial metropolis and long queues of vehicles could be witnessed at all the major markets of the City particularly Anarkali Bazaar, Shah Alam Market, Kashmiri Bazaar, Liberty Market, markets of Defence Housing Authority, Naqi Market The Mall, Panorama Centre, Ichra bazaar, Moon Market Iqbal Town, Ch Miran Market, Baghbaanpura Bazaar, Link Model and Town Road. The authorities concerned claimed that their monitoring system is vigilant and strong from all the angles as security personnel are alert and watching all the activities in the markets vigilantly so there is no security laps so far. The officials of district administrations are also performing their duties efficiently and trying their best to handle and control all the matters of the markets by using their best capabilities including controlling traffic problems, they added. An official of CDG, deputed at The Mall said that the officials are also trying to resolve the parking problems despite great rush of citizens and commuters. He said administration is also using loud speakers for guiding the commuters about the parking sites. He further said that the administration also issued directions and warnings to the contractors of the parking lots to allow parking of vehicles according to the space.