Very few know that leading terrorist leaders of Pakistan like Swats so-called Mullah Radio (Maulana Fazlullah), Waziristans Maulvi Faqir Mohammad and Abdul Ali, and many others are having free run in Afghanistans Kunar province. Very few know that those airlifted by unknown helicopters coming from across the border to Afghanistan were brought to Kunar and safely kept there, including Hakimullah Mehsud. While they were and they are known to have waged 'jihad against America and its front-line ally Pakistan, they are being protected by US-led NATO-ISAF forces in the America-occupied Afghanistan. Are they Americas enemy or Americas self-created and own-protected blue-eyed boys who are provided secure sanctuaries, being given material and financial support, trained and launched inside Pakistani territories to hit Pakistan security forces and civilian targets? It is unbelievable that the Governor of Kunar province, local administration or police of Afghan government, ISAF or NATOs occupation forces are not aware of the presence of Pakistans most wanted terrorists, right in the heart of the province. Doesnt the Afghan intelligence know? How can it be possible that such a large area is being used and nobody knows it? Insurgency in a country means it is being supported and sponsored by another country. No terrorist organization can stand alone, nor is it capable enough of confronting the state, its forces and security apparatus unless it is funded or supported from abroad. Someone is obviously protecting the most wanted terrorists there, and they are fully aware of the terrorist activities they are doing inside Pakistan. The question is if it is a quid pro quo of North Waziristan, then where is the end and who is then the enemy? Are those who are fighting Pakistan against or those giving Afghanistan protection to? Why then the US-led NATO forces have the prerogative to drone-attack what they call terrorist safe havens in Pakistan, and why not the Pakistan government has the prerogative to drone-attack the Kunar province safe havens providing sanctuaries to Pakistans most wanted terrorists? A la double standards ESCHMALL SARDAR, Peshawar, August23.