It is a crying shame that in order to boost the income of Indus River System Authority, the Federal Ministry for Water and Power has imposed a tax on agricultural water as well as a surcharge on electricity produced from hydro-electric sources. This amounts to inflicting a blow on the farmers community especially people with small landholdings. It must not be forgotten that this community is the backbone of the agricultural sector because of their high ratio of per-acre yield. The need of the hour is to bring the big landlords into the tax net. These are the real defaulters who because of their wealth, power and influence have been quite easily evading the taxes they owe to the state. The genuine, small farmers on the other hand are already hard pressed making ends meet and further imposing taxes on them will amount to pulling the rug from under their feet of very existence. Given the fact that agriculture is the mainstay of our economy, unjust taxes on it will also make us vulnerable to food insecurity. The government ought to make arrangements for supporting agriculture and must reverse its cruel step of imposing tax on agricultural water. Water is in plenty in the country. All we need to do is to ensure a fair distribution of it among the farming community, eliminating the chance of big and influential landlords appropriating to themselves others share. Apparently, the government seems determined on destroying whatever is left of the agricultural sector.