ISLAMABAD - Speaker National Assembly Ayaz Sadiq issued on Tuesday notices to as many as 26 members of National Assembly (MNAs) belonging to the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI), asking them to appear in person before him to verify their signatures on their resignations.
The speaker would ask each member of the PTI whether he resigned willingly and his signature on the resignation was genuine.
The issue of the resignations of PTI MNAs came in the lime light when a group of its senior leadership, including Vice Chairman Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Dr Arif Alvi had submitted 31 resignations of party MNAs earlier this week as a protest in the alleged rigging in last general elections.
According to the speaker’s office, it was found that out of total 31 resignations, five resignations have been considered as invalid because these were addressed to the party chairman Imran Khan instead of the NA speaker . PTI has 34 seats in the National Assembly, including reserved seat of women and three of its members have not submitted their resignations, violating the party policy.
The three PTI MNA who did not submit their resignations include Gulzar Khan, Nasir Khan Khattak and Musarrat Ahmedzeb. According to PTI sources, Gulzar Khan has agreed to submit his resignation.
The heads of all parliamentary parties in the National Assembly as well as chief of Jamaat Islami Sirajul Haq has asked the speaker not to accept resignations of PTI MNAs as this would worsen the ongoing political turmoil in the country.