Imran Khan has been in politics for 18 years, but despite his charisma he was unable to make any headway till last year’s general elections. The main reason for his failure was that he did not have the right candidates for the right posts. Despite his botched preparation, he had obtained a sizable number of seats in KPK. Had there been planned rigging, he would not have been able to get a comfortable majority in any province, nor the ruling PML-N would have been a loser in all the other three provinces.

The Chief Election Commissioner, Mr. Fakharuddin G. Ibrahim, a man of un-impeachable integrity was unanimously appointed, with the consent of all the political parties, and the entire election was conducted under his supervision. Thus, except for random incidents, the election were adjudged by local and international agencies as fair and transparent. The general impression was also one of relief and satisfaction. Imran Khan also acquiesced and took oath as an MNA.

The present government cannot be disbanded merely on the ground of rigging at best re-elections on some of the seats can be held, which were earlier demanded by Imran Khan, plus the four seats on which the government’s credentials are questionable. Much of the confusion is due to the rigging charges.

Another thing that needs change is the manual voting system, which even if held fairly, leaves margin for error. In this age of biometric revolution, manual voting can only lead to chaos and confusion. Thus we need to revamp the entire process of elections which would be possible only if recounting is accurately and securely done. The hurdles are crated only by the powerful people, for whom entry into the corridors of power would become a dream, if there were checks and balances.


Lahore, August 24.