The country is facing political crisis. I am glad the participants of both the marches reached Islamabad safely. I would like to thank Allah and the government that it is restraining from using force. Now the long sit-ins have started. I really admire the stamina of the politicians and the crowd, who are there for nearly ten days and are not ready to leave until they achieve their goal. I side with neither the ruling party, nor Imran Khan or Tahirul Qadri, all I hope is that the people of Pakistan are not deceived again.

The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, ruled by PTI, did not show any great results in the fourteen months they were in power. Who is Dr Tahirul Qadri and where has he emerged from? Why now? The demands he has presented to the Government are very valid and they must not be ignored, but as a person I have doubts. The internet provides much information, he seems to be two people, one face that he is presenting to the public now and the one the outside world has seen.

To the outside world he said that he had nothing to do with fanatic dictator Zia-ull-Haq and the laws he introduced, but in Pakistan he has declared that the Islamic and Blasphemy laws were pushed by him. Once again to the outside world he shows himself as a champion of ‘Dialogue’ while in Pakistan he has written books where he is clearly negative about the Holy Bible and any kind of dialogue. For him it is a hotchpotch of sayings (Islam & Christianity). I fear that he may be misleading the people, who are frustrated with the series of political governments, but we need good leaders with a vision to help the poor not fanatics with personal agendas.


Sindh, August 22.