LAHORE- Jamiat Ahle Hadith (JAH) took out a rally titled Istehkam-e-Pakistan rally on Tuesday evening to express solidarity with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and condemn the sit-ins at Islamabad by Pakistan Awami Tehrik and PTI.

The rally marched from Ravi Road to Lahore Press Club. The rally was led by JAH President Senator Prof Sajid Mir, Secretary General Hafiz Abdul Kareem, Vice President Zubair Ahmad Zaheer and other leaders.

The rally consisting of trucks, buses, cars, jeeps and wagons, besides motorcycles and cars with workers chanted slogans in favour of Nawaz Sharif.

Addressing the participants, Senator Sajid Mir warned Imran Khan and Dr Tahirul Qadri against destabilising the country under a foreign conspiracy, and urged upon the countrymen to rise against those elements engaged in implementing foreign agenda in the country.

Mir further warned that the conspiracy was aimed at creating civil war like situation in Pakistan akin to that faced by Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Libya so as to pave the way for demanding country’s nuclear assets to be given under international custody.

He expressed sorrow that the two opponents of the government were promoting violence and chaos in the name of religion and targeting judiciary and other national institutions in the garb of criticising rigging, and asked if it was display of patriotism.

Mir praised that PM had showed courage and sagacity before the tactics of hooliganism and refrained from resigning as demanded by the two leaders.

He announced that this rally was not the final rally, and such rallies would be continued till the international conspiracy came to an end, adding, that more rallies would be taken out on Friday and prayer leaders would highlight the international conspiracy to overthrow the elected government.


Lahore High Court Bar Association (LHCBA) has warned Pakistan Awami Tehreek Chief Dr Tahirul Qadri against ‘character assassination’ of Acting LHC Chief Justice Manzoor Ahmad Malik.

Shafqat Mahmood Chohan of the LHCBA while holding a Press conference on Tuesday said that anti-democratic forces had been hatching conspiracies against the country.

He asked the parties holding sit-in in Islamabad not to scandalise judges of the superior courts.

He said the bar did not welcome counter-rallies being held by PML-N as it could lead the country toward unrest and anarchy.

However, he said, the judiciary should not interfere in political issues but to protect fundamental rights of citizens.

Bar’s Secretary Ahmad Chichar, other office-bearers and a number of lawyers were also present there.