ISLAMABAD - As the PTI’s sit-in entered into the 12th day on Tuesday, its chief Imran Khan warned that his party would hold last negotiations with the government on Wednesday (today), and after that they would announce their next plan of action.
Addressing his supporters at mid night, Khan predicted that the Supreme Court would give decision to remove the containers placed around his sit-in today. "And if the containers were not removed today, they would announce their next plan of action in the evening," Khan said and asked his youth to show their presence at maximum level in the sit-in on Wednesday at 6 pm. He also said he was clear that the government would try to disperse them today but he said they would resist if the government took such steps.
The announcement of the PTI chief came a day after Pakistan Awami Tehrik chief Dr Tahirul Qadri gave the government a 48-hour ultimatum that is going to expire on Wednesday evening at 6 pm. The political analysts, in the light of the PTI chief’s announcement, said that both the leaders would give their fresh line of action on Wednesday evening at the same time.
Earlier on Tuesday evening, the PTI chairman said that the PM had no reason to stay in office after the revelations of a former ECP official and a judge. He said that more people had started making revelations into the rigging of 2013 General Elections, and he would not leave the sit-in venue until the resignation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.
The sit-in crowd did not look charged on Tuesday night unlike the other days when the PTI chief came to address them wearing white shalwar and kameez; however Imran Khan kept on alleging the PM, former chief justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry and a media house for their alleged role in rigging of general polls.
The PTI chairman had nothing new in its speech and unlike Dr Tahirul Qadri holding a sit-in close to his container at the Constitution Avenue; Imran Khan did not give any new deadline to the government to meet his demands. "I would not leave the sit-in till Nawaz Sharif was the Prime Minister as independent inquiry into the election rigging could not be held under his premiership," Khan only said with the old rhetoric of allegations.
Khan said that the PM would have to go as a result of an inquiry in the rigging and added, "The former chief justice would also have to go with him as he had a prominent role in the rigging." He quoted his MNA candidate Mr Bhatti saying that Mustafa Ramday, son of former justice Khalilur Rehman Ramday and Fahad Kayani, son of justice Riaz Kayani, had demanded Rs4 million from him to declare him the winner and then his opponent candidate of the PML-N was declared winner after taking Rs8 million.
Khan said that the people were now no more afraid of the monarchy of Sharif family and they have started making revelations about the election rigging. "In a TV show, it has transpired that in Balochistan, a candidate was declared MNA who bagged 25 votes only," he informed and quoted Baloch leader Nawab Akhtar Mengal that the election in the province was rigged. "The fake mandate is kept on exposing every day," he said. He said Ali Hussain Rizvi, a judge who conducted the last polls, had endorsed the allegations of former ECP officer Afzal Khan in a TV show. He quoted Rizvi saying that the former chief Justice had a role in the appointment of returning officers (ROs).
Khan also lashed out a media group that, he said, had started character assassination campaign against Afzal Khan who stood to speak the truth. He said former interim minister Shahzada Ahsan Ashraf has said that he had the minutes of the ministerial meeting in which it was revealed that Najam Sethi, former caretaker Punjab chief minister in connivance with Justice Chaudhry had rigged the elections.
"And now former Nadra chairman Tariq Malik is going o expose something on TV," he informed.
Khan said that the society would not move ahead if the people who rigged the elections were given high posts and others were punished or blamed for speaking the truth.
Giving examples how election results of his candidates were changed, he said that these results were tempered in connivance with the ROs, former chief justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry and PML-N. He said that the Lahore High Court had rejected the government’s appeal in Model Town incident and now an FIR would be registered against the CM. "Shahbaz Sharif! why you have gone to China as you had to go to jail," he said. He claimed the LHC decision was a result of the pressure of his supporters and remarked that the nation had now stood up. He said that the PTI would get register a murder FIR of the women who succumbed to the firing of the PML-N workers on the PTI rally in Gujranwala.
The PTI chairman said that his movement was to empower the people and his movement was for the making of a new nation. "The people of Pakistan have their own rights," he said. Asking his supporters to read Holy Quran and the philosophy of poet Allama Iqbal to understand the reason behind the creation of Pakistan, Khan said, “I am having a pleasure while sleeping on this container."
Showing solidarity with the Baloch people on the 7th death anniversary of Nawab Akbar Bugti, Khan said that the nation stood by the Baloch people in this grief and sorrow and the death of Nawab was a great injustice to them. He asked the judges of the superior judiciary to play their role in the present circumstances and differentiate between the right and the wrong. "It is a violation of the fundamental rights to place containers and I ask the judges to direct the government to remove the containers," he said. He said when he would come to power he would bring reforms in three departments including education, police and judiciary, and salaries of the teachers, policemen and judges would be increased at maximum level. He also requested the businessmen to stand for his civil disobedience movement.