ISLAMABAD - Just like previous days the opposition and treasury benches in National Assembly repeated the same criticism and annoyance against PTI Chairman Imran Khan for using inflammatory language and demanding resignation of PM Nawaz Sharif.
The lawmakers blamed Imran for hatching conspiracy against democratic system in the country and strongly rejected the repeated demand of the prime minister’s resignation. Like Monday’s session, the house witnessed very thin presence of legislators from both sides of the aisle, apparently due to absence of party’s bigwigs.
The government benches warned both Imran and Tahirul Qadri to call off their so-called revolutionary sit-ins, as they would fail in all their attempts to derail the democracy in the country.
“Imran Khan is making both Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) and judiciary controversial,” said Minister of State of for Parliamentary Affairs Sheikh Aftab while taking part in debate. He said that a case should be registered against former additional secretary ECP Muhammad Afzal Khan for maligning institutions. “He should be sent behind the bars so that no one can dare take such a step in future,” he demanded.
He said Nawaz Sharif will stay as prime minister of the country and the protesting parties will not succeed in their designs. Sheikh criticised Imran for blocking Constitution Avenue and making speeches against the government. “What kind of revolution is it...a so-called leader is sitting in a container leaving his followers on the mercy of rain and thunderstorm,” he commented. Another ruling party MNA Marvi Memon also strongly criticised Imran for using derogatory language. The government has no planning to launch crackdown against these sit-ins, she said dispelling the impression of crackdown on protestors.
“If they have the right of protest then we have the right to govern,” she said, raising concern over the performance of PTI in KP province. “PTI is busy in night sit-in while situation in its province is unsatisfactory,” she said.
Marvi said the Supreme Court has given its verdict for opening of Constitution Avenue for traffic and hoped that the protesting parties will show responsibility for solution to the issue.
Another treasury lawmaker Ch Muhammad Ashraf asked both Imran and Qadri to call off their sit-ins. “They should stop this show now...Under law they have no right to put pressure on the PM to resign,” he added.
Taking part in debate, Rajab Ali Baloch said these protesting parties are making efforts to destabilise democratic system in the country. He also rejected PTI’s allegations of election rigging in various constituencies in general elections.
Earlier, PPP lawmaker Munawar Talpur sought apology from JUI-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rahman about former’s remarks against the latter. “I uttered those words giving reference of Imran Khan’s speech. I had no intention to insult you,” he clarified. Talpur the other day (Monday) criticising Imran repeated his (Imran’s) derogatory words against the JUI-F chief.
MNA Mir Shabbir Ali Bijrani, on his turn, said that demands of Imran and Qadri are undemocratic and unconstitutional. Adding his share, Dr Ramesh came down hard on Imran for using foul language against political leadership. “Why Imran is making it an issue of ego. Leave your ego,” he said.
MNA Sabiha Nazir in an emotional manner said that incumbent government would complete its tenure and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will not resign on the demands of Imran and Qadri .