Almost every meaningful project is based on foreign loans and expertise but the rulers boast of a great achievement. Similarly, latest equipment is imported and the rulers present it as their achievement. They even proudly announce IMF loans as their credibility in foreign financial institutions. Consequently, foreign loans are piling up on this bankrupt nation and hardly any politician worried. Successive rulers are keeping the nation busy in TV, drama, music, films, cricket and the like, and producing and honouring heroes in these to worship.

Some degree of self reliance is visible in agricultural and agro based products but those who produce are held in low esteem, not even equal to a singer or cricketer. Self reliance was earnestly started after 1965 war but gradually faded when US lifted sanctions. Reportedly, our friend China offered technical knowhow for self reliance but our decision makers were not interested in any technology other than US state-of-the-art technology which was neither available nor we had the ability to absorb.

Now, we stand dependent on foreign loans and technical expertise for our development and survival. Almighty Allah has blessed us with enormous natural resources but we are helplessly waiting for others to develop for us. Question arises whether successive rulers or the people are incompetent?


Rawalpindi, August 13.