The Sugar manufacturers of Pakistan have formed a mafia and are cheating the people and the Government of Pakistan. Through this letter I would like to request the Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) to look into the affairs of the Sugar manufactures and the respective Ministry for dubious dealings and formation of mafia to illegally increase the rate of sugar in Pakistan and also to get additional benefits from the Government, for activities that are not related to manufacturing of Sugar.

The Sugar industry has claimed that they have low production and their conversion percentage is only 8%, but in reality they are getting conversion rate of 13.5%. This way they are under declaring their sugar production and claiming loses and also avoiding paying taxes on the under declared (35% of their total production) quantity.

The CCP can get the sugar cane tested in International labs and also check production runs of different industrial units to determine the actual conversion rate. To make the process quicker, CCP can offer amnesty to any industrial unit, that provides proof of this monopoly tactic, while also announcing seizure of all companies involved in this practice. To check industries CCP can use the help of Chemical Engineers from Pakistan Engineering Council or from Universities in Pakistan.


Peshawar, August 15.