Car crashes & accidents have become a common phenomenon on the roads and highways of Pakistan. According to the data gathered by WHO (World Health Organization), the global average of deaths in road accidents is 18 per 100,000 people. In Pakistan it’s at 17.4 per 100,000 people, which is slightly below the average and one of the highest in the sub-continent. There are number of reasons for these road accidents that needs to be closely analyzed to make our commute secure and to reduce the number of fatalities occurring due to accidents.

We as a nation have always cursed the government for shoddy infrastructure; traffic police for sheer incompetence and municipal corporations for poor planning, but as dutiful citizens of Pakistan have we ever thought about our own responsibilities while we are on the roads? Do we really want to make our commute secure? Do we really know the basics of driving or health & safety rules while we drive? Are we even ready to accept our shortcomings? These are some questions that we need to ask ourselves before putting entire responsibility on the authorities.

Almost all the cars these days have a very basic safety feature that is called seatbelts. How many of we do really wear seatbelts while we drive? What I have personally observed that people here in Pakistan considers an insult to wear a seatbelt. I heard some people saying that seatbelts are an additional feature used in foreign counties and it has nothing to do with Pakistan. Our people make fun of such drivers who wear seatbelts and considers them imbecile rather appreciating them.

The government should provide all the necessities & the infrastructure that are required for safe driving but it’s equally important that we should feel our individual responsibilities and put every step forward to make our travel secure while we are on the road. This is not important only for the safety of our families or us, but for the society at large. Let’s start wearing seatbelts; let’s Buckle Up Pakistan!!!


Karachi, August 13.