Not long ago Pakistani prime minister, Nawaz Sharif declared —- “enemies of Afghanistan are enemies of Pakistan”. Pakistan did its best to bring the die-hard Afghan Taliban to the negotiating table. Then what went wrong that Afghanistan president Dr. Ashraf Ghani opened fire on Pakistan soon after the bloody attacks on Kabul in last few days? Pakistan’ foreign ministry has not only condemned the attacks but also denied any involvement in the mayhem in Kabul, wherein around 100 died and scores were injured. Pakistan has a valid point that for a long time it has itself been suffering from wide spread religious-sectarian terrorism, then how it can go against Afghanistan? Instead we have been trying to influence the warring parties to talk to each other. Instead of blaming Pakistan, Afghanistan needs to work out its own weaknesses —- ineffective intelligence, failures and distrust on political front, growing influence and capabilities of Afghan Taliban. But regardless of rosy and reconciliatory words from Islamabad, what’s being observed by outside world is bit different. I don’t know what sort of message is being received by the outside world —- funeral prayers in absentia for Mullah Omar are being held in different cities and towns attended by prominent sectarian leaders, Haqqanis are still active on Pakistani soil, Mangal Bagh has been removed from the list of terrorists political administration (read army) has been demanding from the Bara tribes to hand over, so-called Father-of-Taliban, Maulana SamiulHaq openly swore allegiance to new chief of Afghan Taliban, Mullah Mansoor. No need to mention, SamiulHaq’ madrasa in Akora Khatak is the birthplace of Pakistani and Afghan Taliban leadership.

We need to come clean on ‘good and bad’ Taliban doctrine; otherwise, no one will even listen to our nice words, let alone trust the action on the ground.


Saudi Arab, August 12.