A: Three major PML-N politicians have been removed, three! These are the ones that have come out into the light, what about the countless other that have gone uncontested or the ones that have been filed on some evidence of irregularities, but not enough? The ECP’s ineptitude is glaring at our face; the provincial heads need to be thrown out.

S: The ECP is inept, sure. I agree to that. But throwing out the provincial heads of ECP will not fix it. The system remains the same. The training, the funding, the oversight, everything remains the same. Unless that can be changed this is futile. It’s nothing more than a political gimmick - a superficial step that the PTI can claim as it’s victory. Anyway, the tribunal has found ‘irregularities’; nothing implicates these men personally.

A: That is just semantics! Pray tell me, who made them become "irregular"? They were in charge of holding the election freely, fairly and properly. If that has not happened that it is there fault, they had the authority and the responsibility. They must own up to their failure. We must inculcate a culture of accountability. You are the one that told me of the legal principle of vicarious liability; these men are liability for the lapses of their subordinates.

S: Maybe, they might be responsible on some level, but you have not refuted a word of what I said. You can’t ask for resignation without asking for reform – and working ceaselessly for it. Unless PTI does that, I will always view their demands as a political point-scoring manoeuvre. Institutional change is bought in the parliament, not in the streets.