Women in Pakistan are continuously suffering from strict religious, family and tribal customs. Women rights are non-existent, the treatment has been low and they continue to struggle because of their gender. Females are facing different kind of violence and discrimination in almost every aspect of their lives. According to a report that Pakistan ranks second from 145 countries in terms of gender basis disparities. 

Gender based violence is the most unbearable violation of rights of women in our country. Officials have estimated that since January 2012, more than 8,650 incidents of human rights violation were reported. From these cases 860 were honour killing, 481 of domestic violence, 344 rape cases, 268 sexual assault, 90 of acid burning while 535 cases of violence against women. The major categories of crimes against women in Pakistan are murder, kidnapping and rape. Honour killing and suicide remained the major categories as involved in a various report. 


Kech, August 21.