These are striking contrasts- Politicians in Bangladesh go to gallows shouting Pakistan Zindabad, Burhan Wani draped in Pakistan’s National colours is buried in Indian-Held Kashmir amidst pro-Pakistan slogans, Kashmiri people in love with a land they have never seen are ecstatic and emotional despite being barricaded and blinded for over 50 days.

In contrast, Altaf Hussain, the spiritual head of Muttahida Qaumi Movement, neurotic and slurring in abusive speech leads the chorus of anti-Pakistan slogans from London. According to Dr. Nichola Khan of Pakistani descent, he has the blood of over 22,000 lives on his hands.  The sheep-like castigated leadership sitting in awe of assassins, nods and responds in approval. Some hang their heads in shame; not for the anti-Pakistan chants but for the guilt of exposure. Two TV Channels propagating accountability are attacked by MQM mobs. Suddenly, the Kashmiris go off screens. Divine providence delays the arrival of the Rangers. Sources reveal that there was information that gunmen in typical MQM fashion were waiting in ambush to create mayhem of dead bodies and blame it on the military. A destabilising plan is foiled.

There is a method. A week earlier, Mehmood Khan Achakzai, a known Afghan sympathiser, with his armed faction, and the one who used to facilitate MQM militants to train in Afghanistan, is now a vitriolic mouthpiece of the Federal government. He ridiculed Pakistan Army and intelligence while Maulana Fazal ur Rehman, whose party once neutralised separatist PKMAP in Pashtun parts of Balochistan smiled away. This happens despite the fact that the National Assembly Speaker belonging to a party claiming to carry forward Jinnah’s mission sits in chair. The obvious connections, despite a controversial Cyber Crimes Bill, prompted men of conscience to boldly comment that these successive events are the links of a chain to eclipse Kashmir, Panama Papers, and accountability.

In these moments of shame, I was questioning why at defining times, while nations generates synergy, Pakistanis fall like nine pins. Yes, this is our worth and we deserve what we get as long as we behave like the Orwellian sheep held in a barn. Pakistan has been reduced to a state that is at odds with itself and the entire world. While the dying carcass it is being eaten from inside, the thugs and gangsters holding it hostage make merry. The rise of thugs and gangsters and mobsters to power politics of Pakistan is no coincidence. It was inevitable for a country whose leaders are up for sale, whose geo-strategic location is enviable, whose resources massive and one that has the forbidden fruits.

For over twenty years I predicted that the Latin American Model would be replayed in Pakistan. First, Pakistan’s support to Afghan Taliban, secondly, Pakistan’s support to Kashmiris in chagrin to India that USA wishes to impose as the policeman of the region and lastly, the nuclear capability. For this purpose Pakistan’s India-Kashmir centric policy was redrafted as a military narrative and replaced. It is only the military that holds Pakistan together.

I have repeatedly written that in order to fight urban militancy, Pakistan must seek advice from Latin American leaders of countries like Cuba, El Salvador, Sandinista, Honduras, Argentina, Mexico, Columbia, Nicaragua, Chile, Peru and Venezuela. They for a long time alternated between violence and bubble economies. For over thirty years, covert actions in South America were led by proxies of CIA. Names like John Negroponte, an American diplomat working with CIA in Honduras and Colonel Jim Steele, a notorious agent of US atrocities in El Salvador and Panama, ring alarms. By 2002, these men were assigned to Middle East and South Asia. Steele set up torture units. In due course, there was a Sunni uprising in Fallujah and Mosul that became the epicenter of ISIS/ISIL/ Da’esh. Then it spread to Syria and Libya. The waves did not have to hit Pakistan. The environment was already shaped.

The rise of gangsters in Pakistan’s politics is by design. Pakistan’s vulnerabilities were identified, studied and operationalised. Bubble economies with local hitmen had to be created, separatists and gangsters had to be identified and Pakistan had to be punished. All roads leading to this plan had a stumbling block in Pakistan Army. So a media hype and neo-liberals had to be created to spread the spite.

There were defining moments that strengthened gangster politics in Pakistan. First are the tragic events of 12 May that emboldened MQM; secondly the assassination of Benazir Bhutto that handed control of PPPP to gangsters and lastly the transformation of sectarian outfits into TTP. Soon the Layari gangs with a structure similar to MQM established a rapport with MQM and separatist. Other militant groups joined the party.

Readers ought to remember that in geopolitics, Karachi is not Sindh but part of the corridor that passes through Balochistan. Hence in tandem, there was a requirement to give rise to Baloch separatist through violence and exaggerated media publicity. It is no coincidence that sectarian outfits that once provided protection to PML-N leaders in Punjab and who have been at the forefront of TTP have yet to be tackled in Punjab.

MQM is a party controlled by gangs. It has an experienced and disciplined cadre of street gangs that operate on direct orders from London. These hitmen assemble from South Africa, Thailand and UK, hit, and disperse. The second layer of local arm twisters keeps vigilance over the political leadership. This layer is superimposed by agents of hostile agencies that control MQM. India for instance uses Altaf Hussain as counterweight to Dawood Ibrahim while others use him for their designs against Pakistan.

But it is not MQM alone. The defiance of PPPP and PML-N, despite cases of massive corruption and the failure of regulatory mechanisms to check them, is all part of the game. In international interests, these men with tarnished credentials must keep ruling till a point of implosion. Imagine the disadvantage to India if Nawaz Sharif is removed or the loss to global objectives if Bilawal rebels against his father.

For the time being, Rangers through a delayed action have averted a spectacle like Libya or Ukraine that led to massive uprisings. The peaceful Pashtun areas of Balochistan are heating up after the massacre of a complete generation of Pashtun Lawyers. PKMAP, once a sidelined party is nibbling into corridors.

If these conditions persist, Pakistan is heading towards new levels of violence. Neurotic conduct to reassure self-confidence will force Altaf Hussain to more hate speeches and violence. MQM is in a tactical retreat to set its next trap. The so called Leadership of MQM-P is in the crosshairs of assassins. In a matter of few days human right advocates will go hoarse defending the. Then another incident will be stage managed. Short and long term memories will fade away and the Latin American operation after a pause will resume.

But hope is not forlorn. When people who do not live in Pakistan die chanting ‘Pakistan Zindabad’, I am sure that the nation shall soon rise from slumber. Godot will come. I am a believer in Arcadia, a Pakistan with peace and tranquility.

Like the Test Cricket Team, Pakistan has amazing bits of brilliance in its character and that’s why I am in love with the Green and White. I am sure the temperate willpower shall overcome despair.