There is a saying that a thief is not who steals, but the one who is caught. Panama Leaks recently triggered a wave of unrest across the world, with many top leaders either resigning or explaining their position in parliament. However, in our beloved country unending mudslinging and finger pointing between the government and opposition has made this issue a plaything. They can’t seem to agree on the ToRs for an inquiry, but their aim seems to be to linger on the issue till 2018. The ruling party wants to expand the scope of commission to a level where it would be impossible to conclude anything. Opposition on the other hand, desires to restrict the issue to panama leaks only as their interest is less in corruption and more in grabbing power. I had witnessed such a drama during my service. A government official was caught red-handed accepting gratification, was suspended and charged. Before the inquiry officer-commissioner Rawalpindi, the accused took the stand that he was not alone in this business and others were also involved. The officer asked him to defend himself instead of accusing others, but he adamantly kept on repeating same argument. The authority told him that whosoever was caught will be punished. Finally, the accused was dismissed from service and a strict warning was issued to the whole staff. The dust of this dirty game of allegation soon settled and the whole staff became cautious. This case has some relevance to the Panama leaks. If ruling parties and its adversaries were serious in solving the issue, they need to agree on TORs and conduct a serious investigation of those accused and guilty should be punished to set an example 


Islamabad, August 21.