VEHARI-Under their connivance with the Education Department’s corrupt officers, land mafia has grabbed the pieces of land of six schools that have been non-functional for a long time.

Asghar, a resident of Ludden, said that the education policy of the Punjab government had failed due to negligence of Deputy DO elementary education. The six non-functional schools include Govt Girls Primary School Basti Chah Mauza Qadir Wah, Govt Girls Primary School 545/EB, Govt Girls Primary School Basti chan dad Kameera Luddon, Govt Girls Primary School Mauza Shada Baloch and Govt Girls Primary School Tajwana.

The lands of the six schools are fully or partially occupied by influential people who have the backing of the education authorities and local politicians.

Resident of Mauza Qadir Wah Zafar told The Nation that influential persons had constructed their houses and tying animals on the schools land. It would be a great challenge to Punjab government to retrieve the land. The Punjab government should launch an offensive to vacate the land, he demanded.

People of the areas demanded the Punjab CM should open these schools to equip their kids with education.

According to the sources, lots of schools have become non-functional due to negligence of Education Department.

The Deputy DO Vehari said that these schools were not occupied but admitted that these schools were non-functional. She said that he had sent a request to EDO for functionalising the schools. EDO Education Shoukat Ali Tahir said that the department will vacate the school land.