KARACHI-Khaadi, Pakistan’s premium clothing and lifestyle brand launched its chapter 2 yesterday at Dolmen Mall, Chifton. Comprising of pure hand-woven and hand crafted designs the brand focused on the minimalistic approach towards design.  The event was attended by who’s who of fashion industry, socialites, celebrities and media personalities.

The collection aimed to inspire personal confidence by introducing clean, straight and androgynous silhouettes to make the Chapter 2 woman feel comfortable in her own skin. The brand is a reflection of artistic expression that transcends age.  In a revival of their original fashion ethos, Chapter 2 by Khaadi brings to the new store silhouettes that are wearable and contemporary. The freshness of simplicity is remarkable as it evokes a persona which does not associate itself in moving with the herd, but allows the wearer the luxury of creating an individual look of their own.

Entering the store is in itself a journey of discovery, from the visually stunning digital wall projecting images that define the unique Chapter 2 ethos to the geometrical display stands, it is the desire for the linear and the monochromatic that will draw in the consumer.

Imagine a contemporary take on traditional hand woven fabrics; preserving the art of indigenous hand weaving skill for three generations through high contrast progression of colour and composition. Constant and stringent quality control, working with trusted craftsmen generation after generation, preserving the age old crafts through the years, now results in the wondrous contemporary line called Chapter 2. Talking to The Nation CEO of Khadi Shamoon Sultan said, “This is our previous collection which we presented in Hum Showcase Fashion Week. Each and every design is hand woven and hand crafted textiles. “When Khaadi was launched 18 years before this was the actual look of it. I started out with pure hand-loomed fabric when I opened the first Khaadi store back in ’99 but then slowly it faded out, replaced by other product lines. With this new outlet, we’re reverting to our first passion, stocking hand-loomed apparel and accessories with only slight embroideries or block-prints,” he said.

Chapter 2 by Khaadi is all about mainline products consisting of Women’s Apparel, including but not exclusive to accessories, bags and shoes. Lifestyle products like home textiles, ceramics, metal-ware, and stationary items will follow, allowing the buyer a complete lifestyle experience.