Many of us are familiar with the influential power of media and also experience it in our daily lives. In Pakistan, for many years, the electronic media is completely cuckoo over political affairs. Their talk shows, anchors, analysts and journalists are practicing a strong hold in society creating and shaping our thought patterns without any objectivity.

Every night, one after another, we see a never ending rally of talk shows on every news channel with almost same panelists from political parties talking, shouting, arguing and spiting fire without any solid fruitful conversation. There is a continuous and vicious exchange of accusation, pinning blames and exaggeration out of simple issues among politicians on these talk shows. Such abnormal habits of news channels with these frustrated, uneducated and unnecessarily repeated talk shows are probably destroying our national image.

The enormity of the situation in the country can safely allow us to label these news channels, talk shows, anchors and journalists as powerful agents in society, influencing our ideology, thoughts and ultimately our daily conversation in a negative way.

At this point, let me ask everyone: if we really need such a strong political dose on every day basis, is it the only one issue left unsolved in our country? Obviously not!

Many core national issues are being ignored and taken for granted by our well-informed journalists, politicians and news channels. Agricultural reforms, farmers’ problems, economic upheaval, textile industry, traffic hullabaloo, justice for common citizens, hospitals’ turbulence, living conditions and many others are in the waiting list. Food and water crises, population growth, health and disease among many issues need attention.

Just think for a second. Would it not be great to see students, teachers, educationists, PhD scholars and university chancellors in ‘Capital Talk’ with Hamid Mir discussing examination system, curriculum and students’ counseling to make better career choices?? Would it not motivate parents and girls to be the flag holder of women empowerment if we see squash champion Maria Wazir and cricketers Sana Mir or Bisma Maroof promoting sports in talk shows?

We may inspire our society by showing documentaries on the services of Abdul Sattar Edhi, Ramzan Chhipa and Dr Ruth Pfau, the greatest humanitarians in recent memory.

How many of us know about Amin Shah Gillani who founded Payload app introducing Bitcoin technology in Pakistan, Hamza Iqbal and Harris Durani who founded Healthwire app, Auto Genie founder Hamza with his online car repair service, Hira Irshad of Edutative to link all universities on Linkedin for better education in Pakistan or Sahr Said founder of Beauty Hooked to find and book beauty salon near your location??

I am afraid very few of us know about such inspiring talent in our beloved country. This brilliant young talented generation from science, technology and sports needs an endorsement by our news channels and journalists to inspire the real asset of our country - the future generation - to compete in the modern technological world.

Dear media! Politics is not our issue. Our issue is education. We need a stable economy with more business and employment opportunities to serve our motherland.

You need to mustard up your courage to be our voice to bring our real problems right up to the fore for policy makers and government. Give us the platform and be our companion to transform our national image.