Wah cantt-The manufacture and sale of the locally made liquor called “kuppi” is fast increasing in the twin cities of Taxila and Wah Cantt and its adjourning areas. According a survey conducted by this correspondent, it has been learnt that though the sale of tinted liquor goes on the whole year but it gains momentum especially on the eve of special occasions like Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Azha, Christmas and New Year, thanks to apathy and indifferent attitude of law enforcement agencies including Police who are observing the situation as helpless spectators due to reasons best known to them.

It has been learnt that the manufacturing, sale and purchase of this locally made liquor had almost tripled around Eid-ul-Azha especially in Taxila – Haripur bordering area including Punj Khatta, Bhalar Tope, Toufkian in the jurisdiction of Wah Cantt Police station while Sukhoo Masian, Wanni, Losar Sharfoo , Nawababad , Ismaeelabad, in the jurisdiction of Taxila Police station. Usman Khattar, Margalla, Karmwal, Khurrum Paracha, Mohallah Mashrqiabad are the key areas where liquor manufacturing dens  are working unabated and are promptly smuggling  the liquor to their retailers and consumers as the demand of these locally made cheap liquor has greatly increased. Truck drivers, motor mechanics, labourers, drug addicts, beggars and youth are the main consumers of kuppi.  Sources said that rotten fruit, spirit, molasses, shrubs, certain chemicals and medicines are used to make this liquor, and the imbalance in the chemical combination makes it lethal.

An insider disclosed that dealers of this liquor also fool the rich by mixing kuppi with imported liquor and supplies it to them on high rates. “They suck out imported liquor through syringes or other methods, and then inject kuppi into the bottles.

Those who drink it are blissfully ignorant of the fact that it is half foreign and half kuppi,” he said. The use of this liquor is life-threatening and its side effects include loss of eyesight and a damaged liver. It turns into poison as it grows old, but the sellers seldom think twice before selling it.

Police sources said that the trade of this liquor has flourished in remote but notorious areas which are famous for the demand of liquor and drugs. While the rural areas including Punj Khatta area and hilly areas of Taxila have become dens of kuppi brewers as Police is unable to trace them due to their geographical location.

Locally made liquor of non-branded companies is also being sold without any discrimination and labour class drinkers are mostly purchase it owing to its low price and comparatively easy availability. An agent claimed that on special occasions, a majority of medical stores and homoeopath clinics sold the liquor under the garb of medicine. He further alleged that police took their share from owners of these shops to allow them to run this illegal and unethical business.