The expansion in economic activity and investment in infrastructure project under PSDP and CPEC have been encouraged the cement industries to invest over RS 250 billion for expansion of their tonnes from present capacity of almost 50 millions tonnes. According to sources that cement industries are improving their production potential through getting loans. So it can help the GDP production better. If they whould strong cast productions than their will be enhanced people to get job. Beside this on there are several families who deprived from humans right.  

So due to more cement industries that they will be involved. Furthermore despite health cash positions, industry’s borrowing needs will increase and cement sector has availed RS 34 billion for fixed investment purposes during 2016 -2018. So it is needed to be launched everywhere of Pakistan. There are some helmets palaces which do not have any employees. Cement industries should be imposed their. New gov’t should focus on industries rather whould be working. It can be the sign of employment. 


Turbat, August 7.