The violence against Transgender Community is so common across the country specially in the region Khyber Pukhtunkhwa (KP) where 1,133 incidents of violence against the persecuted community were reported from 2015 to 2017 most painfully at least 55 trans people were killed in the period. The community faced several type of violences such as sexual harassment, sexual assault, rape, physical torture, partner violence and etc.

According to a report the president of TransAction Alliance Farzana Jan these 1133 cases are only from just a few districts by adding that the transgender community in remote districts avoids reporting violence cases as there is no help available for them there, so many hate crimes go unreported the news further disclosed that the general secretary of the TransAction Alliance Arzu Khan shared that transgender people have been facing elevated levels of violence in KP since the last two years by adding that many positive changes have taken place but the violence and discrimination the trans community faces must stop.

It is believe that every individual has the equal right and needs to be treated equally. The epidemic of violence against transgender people is a serious crisis that demands immediate attention and the concerns authorities need to look in matter seriously.


Turbat, August 8.