The misadventures of India are not stopping. She knows, has known and must know that it is playing with the fire. Even yet, why is the cunning enemy bent upon acting dangerously? It can be calculated as to why the skir­mishes on the LOC are not end­ing till the day of revoking the constitutional provisions. The acts of the enemy can be cal­culated, regarding their causes and consequences. In light of the fact that the enemy has nei­ther digested our independence till today, nor admitted our existence, these can be counted thus;

China Pakistan Economic Corridor is the big game changer no doubt. The ene­my well perceives that Pakistan who is al­ready far better than them in every way, socially, economically and politically; whereas they show themselves better suc­cessfully or unsuccessfully only through the propaganda of media. The neighbor thinks that if we succeed in relishing ful­ly the fruits of CPEC; firstly, Pakistan will become so strong that their bad intentions to damage or eliminate it will be horribly converting into mere dreams; hence, the evil has to be nipped in the bud. It is an­other thing that neither we are a bud and evil are them not we.

With the completion of CPEC, the inter­dependence of China and Pakistan will be sealed which is too like a horrible for India. Hence, before the time it happens, things should be disturbed sufficiently so that the dream of Pakistan could be shat­tered. It is another thing that we advance in the light of the Will of Allah not in the light of our dreams; if the Divine will and our dreams coalesce, it is excellent and this is the only excellence.

Because of the presence of America in Afghanistan, India had glaring chances to damage Pakistan by being there freely as today. Now, America is going to say farewell to the land of war willy-nilly and before it happens, the issue of Kashmir should be resolved by force; otherwise, things will be harder for India, they think.

The supporting factors for India can also be calculated. Firstly, they find that our internal enemies will be helpful to them. It is also a bitter reality that anti Paki­stan elements here also leave no stone un­turned to harm the country. It is the trage­dy with this land that we are a big country, an atomic power and possess a quite no­ticeable place in the comity of nations, yet the remnants of the then Unionists at the time of Pakistan movement still not only exist but look licking their wounds. Lit­erally, they are the theoretic offspring of Abdullah Bin Ubae, found ever quarrelling over the two nation theory even today; and along with them are the other few coalesc­ing enemies. It is another thing that they are destined to fail till today despite suc­ceeding to cause casualties in the recent past. What place they have not bombed? Secondly, the present situation of instabil­ity in Pakistan for corruption and parlia­mentary issues also encourages the enemy. Thirdly, Pakistan is flooded, being done and undone. This is another stimulant for the enemy. Fourthly, the Afghan and Iran border too, to some extent can prove a tool to engage us at this time.

The question left to us is single: if war is thrown upon us, which is probable as yet, what and how should we think and act?

It is a universal truth that man has not proved sane enough to avoid follies. Our Book testifies it at many places declar­ing that the majority don’t understand, do good act and get lessons from history. We are just to repose our trust in Allah Al­mighty instead of the number or arms etc. However, the few favoring factors also can be traced as put in the recent article writ­ten by Mirza Aslam Baig, the ex COAS.

We, being Muslims, are supposed to incul­cate in our minds that when such situation overtakes us, first, our course and inten­tions should be right. As to the measures and tactics, Allah is our supporter and He is the only result giver. Human calculations are not to be conjectured upon then; nei­ther those that are in our favor nor those that are against us. In the war of Hunain, when the believers were in better position for arms and strength of the Muslim army, someone surmised of success on the basis of calculations, our Holy Prophet (PBUP) disliked it. Probably for such a streak of conjectures of the few and, for giving a les­son to the believers, most of the army was on the run as the enemy showered arrows. It was later that the foe was overpowered by the Grace of Allah and the prophetic leadership. And what was Ghazwa-i-Tabuk? Around just three thousand was the believ­ers’ army and that too, struck with hunger and starvation, having literally few swords but against the then super power of Rome. It is Allah who injects horror in the heart of the enemies any makes them baser defeat­ers. The details of the Ghazwa and many other examples in the history are a lesson for us. Regarding Jihad, it has been put in our holy book that some unwanted and bad looking thing might be good and the want­ed one might prove harmful. Our lives are the trusts of Allah. Let us hand over these to Him, vindicated.

What the world has done till today? No border values. What happened to the Mus­lims of Bosnia and Palestine? Did Ameri­ca bomb Iraq and Afghanistan rightly? This world has ever been wronged by the liars but in the name of principles. We should calculate our shortcomings. Our prob­lem is that we are attracted to the world­ly charms; we have wronged the unique concept of actual success and failure giv­en by the Quran. Peruse the book and find whether success lies in economic prosper­ity or somewhere else. On the other hand, we have also forgotten the concept of the duties of an Islamic State. We are too sloth in accountability and administration for the reason of being undone by the techni­cal laws and rules introduced by others. Let us choose the other world for us and rem­edy our grievances. It is an indirect solu­tion to the most of the problems we don’t understand.

Neither we are nor we should be the ex­pansionists but if international customs and conventions are being openly tram­pled around, why should we shun going to any extent for our own rights. Ban the Indi­an movies and the propagation of such cul­ture that has sucked the the spirit of this nation. This is the only way to build up the Muslim type of character Allama Iqbal in­dicated. Curb relentlessly those elements propagating on social media that we can­not fight for lack of bread and water. The enemy has given us the glorious chance to hit. Just do it and give them the single message of withdrawing forces from Jam­mu and Kashmir. If the enemy or the world asks us also to withdraw vacate Azad Kashmir, say them them we are deployed our few troops only on the LOC not in the streets of Kashmir like India. If we are pressed upon by the world, say yes, both will vacate their respective held areas and decision will be made through plebiscite within as shortest period as possible. This should be the only only argument of our representative if and when needed; noth­ing more, nothing else. We must under­stand that negotiations are decisive only when the battlefield looks decisive; other­wise, none admits, none moves.

So, the calculations say that the enemy is many times or armed manifold and dan­gerously, it is horrifying only to the infidel or the secular minded; to the believers, the martyrdom lover believers, this increas­es only their belief as per the last revealed book. This is the way to save our Kashmiri brothers, the prisoners of paradise.