ISLAMABAD  - Islamabad Police have arrested 11 outlaws from various areas of the city and recovered stolen bike, narcotics and weapons from them, a police spokesman said.

According to details, SHO Golra police station Iqbal and his team arrested Taseer, Rafique and Azan and recovered stolen bike, mobile phones, 1.040 kilograms of hashish and one 30-bore pistol from their possession.

Bhara Kahu police arrested Saqib and recovered one 30 bore pistol from him. Bani Gala police arrested Farooq and recovered one litter wine from him while Ramana police recovered one 30 bore pistol from an accused Allah Ditta. Noon police arrested Shahbaz and Iqbal and recovered a total of 110 gram heroin and one 30 bore pistol from their possession. Shams colony police arrested Jaber Khan and recovered one 30 bore pistol from him.

Khana police arrested Kashif and recovered 120 gram heroin from him while Loi Bher police arrested Ali Jan and recovered one Kalashnikov from him.

Cases have been registered against these nabbed persons and further investigation is underway from them.