Is Nazism revisiting the planet? Is its revival taking shape in a Hindu av­atar in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) now? Can the world not read the writing on the Kashmiri wall or is it cal­lously blinded by its obtuse, self-serving geopolitical, geostrategic and geo-eco­nomic interests in a ma­nipulative India?

The hapless, strangulat­ed, incarcerated Kashmiris would like to know where the world stands today!

PM Modi’s audacious land grab in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) carries the hallmarks of a fascist regime overreach­ing itself senselessly. Its policies are de­fined by its ultra-nationalism and self-proclaimed religious superiority and exclusiveness. It is essentially the RSS’ Hindu versus Muslims mindset at play. Muslim invaders conquered the sub­continent, dispossessed the Hindus and reigned supreme for centuries. That os­tensible historical ignominy hurts Hindu sensibilities and fuels this anti-Muslim rage even today. The RSS-BJP Combine in­tends to undo history and wants the Indi­an and Kashmiri Muslims to atone for, pay penance today for all the perceived histor­ical slights the Hindu Nation might have suffered at the hands of those erstwhile Muslim rulers. That is where the kernel of this torrid, irrational Hindu bitterness against the Muslims lies and wherefrom all this self-consuming resentment and loathing for everything Muslim emanates. These sentiments were further aggravat­ed by the Partition of the subcontinent which for them symbolized the splitting of Bharat Mata or Mother India’s body into two. RSS-BJP Combine and PM Modi are thus on a vicious, vengeful crusade to not only “undo” history but to revive and re-establish the lost glories of both Akhand Bharat (Undivided India) and the Hindu Rashtra/Nation - albeit mutually exclusive in concept!

The RSS-BJP Combine needs to get out of this twisted and warped time and space bubble they have so mindlessly en­sconced themselves in. They need to get “back to the future”!

PM Modi’s ostensible annexation of J&K and Ladakh is a strategic miscalculation with massive implications. He has errone­ously assessed Pakistan to be economical­ly enfeebled, diplomatically isolated thus unable to pursue war, and that the strate­gic environment was ideal for his “grand geopolitical and geostrategic manoeu­vre”. He is in for a very rude shock. India’s impudence and arrogance too are utter­ly misplaced. Is it a gross misperception of its own political, economic, diplomatic and military prowess and clout, or does it, like Israel in Palestine, consider itself pow­erful enough to be above all international norms and laws? Is the US’ tacit support so strong and enabling that it feels, like Israel, emboldened enough to trash the Rules-based International Order and all UNSC Resolutions with impunity?

However, this situation simultaneous­ly creates windows of opportunity for all players to act before PM Modi can actual­ly bring this deadly and ghastly game of constantly rising geostrategic and geopo­litical stakes to an ominous closure. Thus, the Kashmiris, Pakistan, the UN/UNSC/P5 etc as well as PM Modi’s India are all now in a veritable race against time.

PM Modi is currently in the Consolida­tion Phase of his Kashmir (mis)adven­ture. His very tight window of opportuni­ty compels him to consolidate his political gains in J&K and Ladakh and establish unopposed control there immediately. He must do so before the Kashmiris rise up in rebellion or the UN/UNSC/P5 intervenes to unravel this most foolhardy and treach­erous ‘geopolitical gamble” of his political life. For this to succeed he needs Presi­dent Trump to manage and condition PM Imran Khan’s responses, thus gaining critical time and space for him.

The Kashmiris, on the other hand, must rise immediately and protest through acts of civil disobedience, defiance and fight for their inalienable Right of Self Deter­mination which is enshrined (and resting pathetically) in numerous UNSC Resolu­tions. An indigenous Kashmiri resistance movement is on the cards. It will physical­ly challenge the annexation and scare all potential aliens/investors away.

Pakistan, in this time frame, must re-en­ergize its political, diplomatic, moral and media support to the just struggle of the Kashmiris. It must not allow the world’s conscience to tide over this potential hu­man tragedy in Kashmir. The Kashmiris fear a brutal genocide that will make the Rwandan genocide look like a school play. They fear being ousted from their house­holds, forced into Refugee Camps along the LOC with Pakistan (like the West Bank in Palestine) and then shunted across into AJ&K! Pakistan must sensitize world opinion to this very avoidable humanitar­ian calamity. If not addressed promptly and decisively it will lead to popular in­digenous resistance against the Indian Occupation Forces, cross-LOC skirmishes and to possible war in this most sensitive nuclear flashpoint of the world!

The UN/UNSC/P5 must not accept this travesty of the Rules-based Interna­tional Order. It must re-establish and en­force the supremacy, inviolability and ap­plicability of the UNSC Resolutions on Kashmir forthwith. The UN/UNSC/P5 must act NOW intrusively to forestall the ghastly genocide that threatens the Kash­miris. It must save them further from forced migrations, rapes, lynching, incar­cerations, deadly cordon and search op­erations, the missing persons’ episodes, beatings, the blinding “pellet guns”, com­munication blockades, loss of all person­al freedoms, the engineered demograph­ic changes etc BEFORE all this becomes a fait accompli for them and the world.

The China Factor however looms large and ominous in the IHK conundrum with its obvious strategic connotations!

Is PM Modi replicating what Hitler did to the Jews in the last century? Is he aping PM Netanyahu and his policies in Palestine in this one? Has the world not learned its bit­ter lessons from the appeasement of bul­lying fascists? Post- World War Two, the US led West has been inconsistent in deal­ing with fascist and genocidal regimes. It has been very lenient in Palestine/ME and very tardy and hesitant in Srebrenica and Rwanda. The world now stands askance wondering where the US-led West’s and the oil rich Arab monarchies’ values will stand - for their crass economic and com­mercial interests in a belligerent, genocid­al and expansionist India or with human­ity, humanitarian values, a Rules-based International Order and above all with the Right of Self Determination for peoples under brutal military occupations!

Whichever way the international com­munity leans, the strategic implications for the future of Kashmir and all oppressed peoples of the world will be colossal