Has Punjab really set sail towards progress and development? Differ­ent people have different opinions. Some people are of the opinion that the PTI led government has failed to provide any kind of relief to the masses whereas there are others who certainly believe that the gov­ernment has taken many initiatives which are really meant for the welfare and well­being of people of the province.

There is always an objective reality out there, but unfortunately, we view it through the spectacles of our misbeliefs, stigmatic attitudes and self-asserted val­ues. If we take such spectacles in their true perspective, then we might be able to understand what the reality is!

Some recent developments in different sectors have shown that Punjab is certain­ly heading towards progress and develop­ment. By realizing the need to adopt a few measures and introduce some special ini­tiatives, the Government of Punjab has re­ally shown a very serious attitude in ensur­ing the betterment of its people. To provide lodging facility to the poor, needy and home­less citizens, the government has established “Shelter Homes”. To facilitate the citizens and help protect police record and provide secure access to the Police Station Record Management System, the government has set up “Mobile Police Khidmat Markaz”.

To provide affordable housing facil­ity to the low-income segments of the country, the government has started the “Naya Pakistan Housing Program”. Like­wise, the government has launched the “Punjab Ehsas Program” to provide nec­essary socio-economic protection to the disfranchised sections of society. The gov­ernment has launched “Sehat Insaf Cards” (health cards) to provide medical facili­ties to under-privileged people in a swift and dignified manner.

Similarly, the government has launched “Smart Card for Registration of Vehicles”, abolishing the traditional registration books. Moreover, the government has tak­en many initiatives to empower women and eliminate different forms of discrimi­nation and violence against them in all its manifestations.

The credit for all this certainly goes to the political leadership of the province i.e. Pun­jab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar who is firm, resolute, and relentless in his efforts to uplift the lives of people of the province. All this sheds light on the fact that Punjab is on the way to progress and development and if it succeeds in its progressive mis­sion, the future may bring many benefits to the millions of impoverished and poverty-stricken Pakistanis living in the province.