RAHIM YAR KHAN - Speaking at a press conference at district press club on Wednesday, Additional Inspector General (AIG) of Police South Punjab Inaam Ghani said that the ratio of crime in South Punjab was less as compared to Northern Punjab. 

He said that he was appointed to make rules and regulations of police for South Punjab.

Ghani informed that the documentation of task force of Inspector General Police of Punjab, Sindh and Baluchistan had been completed for the elimination of crime in riverside Kacha area with the coordination of Pakistan Army, and later intelligence based operation would be started in Kacha area. 

He affirmed that writ of the state would be established with rule of law. Front desk of police stations would be empowered so that free process of registration of cases could be implemented. He further stated that the attitude of the police would be changed through self introspection and betterment would be made in recruitment of new employees to change their attitude through psychologists. He ensured to increase police force, adding that police stations would be monitored with the use of information technology. 

Ghani said that in Punjab the availability of senior police officers was less than Khyaber Pakhtunkhawa (KP) had. He informed that the whole Punjab was consisted of 180,000 uniformed police force out of which only 27000 police personnel serving in South Punjab. In Northern Punjab one police employee is for 570 persons but in South Punjab one is for 1580, he added. 

He said that South Punjab police was running two schools in Kacha area to educate the children of local residents which was the task of education department. He told that 147 new vehicles for South Punjab police stations would be handed over soon. To control drugs and its trafficking in Rahim Yar Khan was the main task of Anti Narcotics and Punjab Excise and Taxation department, Ghani added.