LAHORE-Alight Pakistan and Literacy & Non-Formal Basic Education Department (L&NFBED) have agreed to collaborate for devising and implementing multi-pronged strategies to improve literacy rate in the province where over nine million children are out-of-school. 

The agreement was signed by Secretary L&NFBED Sumaira Samad and Deputy Chief of Party Alight Pakistan Kamran Iftikhar in the presence of Minister for Literacy and Non-Formal Basic Education Department Raja Rashid Hafeez, Country Representative Alight Pakistan Dr Tariq Cheema and Additional Secretary Literacy Department Bashir Zahid Goraya on Wednesday.

“With the landmark Punjab Literacy Policy in place, now we are building strategic partnerships in multiple areas to expand the network and enhance the impact of the department,” said Raja Rashid Hafeez. On this occasion, Dr Tariq Cheema reiterated that priority is to enroll more out-of-school children while ensuring the already enrolled children in non-formal schools to help them overcome educational losses due to discontinuity in their learning.