ISLAMABAD- The Excise & Taxation Department, Islamabad has decided to issue E-tags to the vehicles which would help increase revenue and check car-theft incidents.

According to the officials, the E-tagging would be as per international standard where a tag of international number will be affixed at number plate or windscreen of the vehicle which will keep track of the vehicle through radio frequency. “A tag containing data of the vehicle against its coded identification number will be issued along with the number plate of the vehicle which will be affixed on the windscreen or number plate and the road checking teams through devices will be able to check whether tax of the vehicle is paid and it is genuine as and when a vehicle comes nearer to the device,” said Director Excise and Taxation, Bilal Azam. He said the journey from traditional number plate to the RFID Tag is a step forward toward digital Pakistan. He is of the view that the move will, on one side, help increase revenue and on the other, help check incidents of vehicle theft. 

E-Tag, a coded identification number, shall be pasted on to the vehicle’s windshield or number plate and the same identification number shall be saved in the excise department’s own database, to which, the identification number on the E-tag shall be synced. These E-tags shall help the department search for and identify the stolen vehicles through a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system. The road-checking teams shall be given the RFID readers. These devices will help verify the entire information of the vehicle as it passes through the check-post, as to whether or not the taxes and token of the vehicle has been paid for and if the car is genuine.