The current COVID -19 pandemic disease, is an infectious respiratory disease that has infected more than 282 thousand in Pakistan and 19 million people worldwide. It has also caused more than 6 thousand deaths in Pakistan and 712 thousand deaths worldwide. This virus currently has no medical treatment and vaccines are still under the trial stage.

The virus tends to affect different people in different ways and has multiple symptoms, many mild symptoms such as fever, headaches, dry cough and fatigue, and some serious symptoms like loss or shortness of breath, chest pain, loss of movement, or speech. People showing mild symptoms are advised to isolate themselves at home for a 14 days’ period, whereas the ones who are showing critical symptoms are to be taken to the hospital to receive medical help.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued SOPs, in order to prevent the further spread of the virus, which includes keeping a meter distance at least from others, washing hands often, use of hand sanitizer, face masks, and gloves and avoid touching face with unclean hands. Each and every government is trying its best to control the panic.

Along with many places around the globe, Pakistan is finally in the list of those countries which are recovering from the disastrous effects of this pandemic, and the number of cases has exponentially dropped as compared to its peak point in the month of June. WHO has recognized this significant drop in cases and the Pakistani government’s efforts to control the pandemic. Despite this success as our government is set to lift the lockdown we must not forget this one fact, the disease is still there and it can still create havoc in a matter of weeks as it did in June. Our people must not forget that this disease is not in the hand of the government to neither control nor prevent. It is in our hands from which it can transmit further. The government did its job in educating us as much as it could regarding the SOPs and the cons of this disease which many unfortunate families experienced before-hand.

Yes, no doubt the government cannot keep us caged forever thus lifting the lockdown, trusting the people to be responsible enough. For the next 10 years, these SOPs are going nowhere without doubt as a chaos of such scale cannot be recovered from within a mere few months. These SOPs are to be abiding by as strictly as the national laws themselves because just as crime always exists so will this disease for a long time and it’s up to the general public to decide how they want their new society to function. As of now, if we are lucky enough to not see a loved one die of suffocation in front of us then at least learn a lesson from their pain for not seeing it happen in our own homes. This was World War 3 and it’s not over yet.