The childish battle between the Judiciary and the Parliament over illegal increase in the marks of CJ's daughter shows just what is wrong with Pakistan. This is an open and shut case. The rules clearly state that the students can have their papers re-examined and marks recalculated. There are no rules, though, to get the papers re-checked or re-marked. The Chief Justice's daughter has had her paper rechecked and remarked while the 200+ other students only had their papers re-checked and marks recalculated. The Chief Justice's daughter has committed a crime. If the Judiciary were independent and effective, they would have convinced the Chief Justice to quit his office and would have also convinced the Al-Meezan Foundation to stop supporting daughter of the CJ for admission in the medical college. But just our luck, the Judiciary and Parliament are embroiled in a showdown that has the whole nation hung out to dry. -SHAHRYAR KHAN BASEER, Peshawar, via e-mail, December 19.