Through this letter I want to draw the attention of the CM Punjab, to the following matter. I am a student of class 8 at Jinnah Public School, Toba Tek Singh. I participated in CM's Speech, Debate & Essay Writing Competition and got first position in both Markaz and Tehsil-level in English Essay Writing Competition (Middle). At the district level, I got third position on December 6, 2008. A public announcement of this result was made on the same evening. A section of press also reported the result. But on December 13 when our Principal contacted the DEO Schools to confirm the new topic, he was told that our school got no position. This was obviously shocking news for me. How and why my position got reversed? My parents contacted the concerned authorities to get the mystery resolved but the riddle got even more complex. Till the writing of these lines no explanation has been provided in response to a number of formal requests to the education officials. While the next stage of competition is approaching fast there is no decision regarding my position. I am afraid; I would be automatically left out of the contest if there is no timely decision. I believe that my position was unfairly reversed. First the public announcement and then a change without providing any kind of justification leaves little reason for me to trust the process. The insensitivity and unresponsiveness of the administrators concerned is very painful. -SAMEEN SHAHID, Toba Tek Singh, via e-mail, December 25.