I do not understand as to what is the mindset of some of the columnists. They keep on spreading wide-ranging unrest in the already precarious circumstances. Swat was already burning before this government came to power. The damage was done already. The menace of Fazalullah was a creation of the previous regime. This government is still in its track while correcting the wrongs committed by the previous regime. What pressures are these columnists talking about that they say has to be exerted on the US? If we analyze the statements of the ruling party in the past month or so, it is clear that the allegations from India on Pakistan were addressed seriously. The outcome can be seen now that the British Prime Minister and other important officials from US have visited Pakistan and vociferously backed the statements of our leaders. Furthermore, our government has made it clear that if any suspect is proven guilty, he would be tried under Pakistani law and all investigations would be held on our own soil. The situation is bleak because of the circumstances in the region. Let us not make it any bleaker than it is. Be wise, dear columnists. -NAZAR ALI, Sialkot, via e-mail, December 18.