KOT ADDU - No one can stop the tsunami of Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf, said PTI tehsil President Abdul Khaliq Qamar while addressing a ceremony arranged to celebrate Javed Hashmi’s defection to PTI from PML-N.

Qamar welcomed Javed Hashmi and said that it was the fruit which the PTI was getting after the efforts and struggle of 15 years. He also welcomed the party’s newcomers from Kot Addu.

PML-N’s Shafiq Khan, Asif Shahzad and Dr Salman Patal joined the PTI along with their hundreds of companions and expressed their full support to Imran Khan. PML-Q leader Ashraf Khan Rind also came on the stage and said he would soon announce his joining along with his colleagues during a big gathering.

Qamar thanked all of them and said Imran Khan’s struggle against drone attacks had succeeded and “now we will achieve the target of becoming an honourable nation under the leadership of Imran.” Imran Butter, organiser of PP-251, highlighted the efforts which was made by his team and offered his further services to the party. PTI Labour Wing District President Tahir Bukhari and District General Secretary Kamran Khakwani also spoke on the occasion.