Benazir Bhutto excelled at asserting her right to rule. In male-dominated Islamic Society, she rose to become her slam father’s political successor, twice getting elected as Prime Minister of Pakistan. She would also be exiled twice. In the end, Bhutto was better at rallying people to the idea of her power than at keeping them inspired by her use of it.

She was a child of privilege, and took the mantle of power from her father Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, the fiery and magnetic founder of Pakistan People’s Party, who himself would become a martyr democracy when he was educated in 1979 by military dictatorship of General Zia-ul-Haq. She inherited her bearing and physical presence by her mother Nusrat Bhutto, from a distinguished Kurdish family from Iran. Educated at Radcliffe and Harvard University. She would also study law at Oxford University. Her family and close Western friends know her as “Pinky”.

As a Muslim Women Leader, Bhutto was almost an iconic figure in the west. But her actual career in office was one of the great of populist spectacles and little Governmental achievement. It was a persona she parlayed. She said in her own words “I am not one of those leaders who sell lies and buy time moreover she aid “No leader, no dictator could do what I have done”

In a land so rich with its heritage, it is of utmost importance to keep the people and the country in peace, harmony and unity. This task is surely difficult and demanding only a person who is sensitive to the feeling of all the people and knows how to honour their values can bring them to a platform where they perform as a nation.

This humongous task has not accomplished in the history of Pakistan by an individual or organization except the first female Prime Minister of Pakistan—Benazir Bhutto. Her character, her personality her role as a mother and the Prime Minister of Pakistan Patriarchal Society is a source of inspiration for me. Not only did she hold the four provinces in a united state but also worked for the improvement of women. In a male dominated society as conservatives as ours. She upheld her progress views and worked tirelessly to bring about a change in a society marred with discrimination against woman and prejudice against various ethnic groups.

I strongly feel that the example of Benazir Bhutto should be followed in all walks of life. One does not have to be a women to follow in her footsteps. She has laid down golden principles for all. She is a beacon of light even after her martyrdom