ISLAMABAD - Lying on a bed in emergency ward of Pakistan Institute of Medical Science (Pims), Mohammad Hayat, a driver by profession, considers himself a lucky person as he escaped life attempt when an over speeding truck ran over his car in the heart of federal capital on Sunday midnight.

“The over speeding truck ran over the car turning it into a huge piece of scrap, however, the driver and his fellow traveler, sitting on passenger seat, got minor injuries,” an witness police officer told TheNation, adding that it was indeed a miracle that both of the men riding the car were saved. Truck traffic rolling on the roads of federal capital continues to pose a threat to the commuters, especially during midnights. It has been observed at various occasions that uncontrolled and over speeding trucks, driven by drivers ran over the cars or passengers vans resulting into instant deaths of people.

It is pertinent to mention here that, several times a group of lawyers, citizens and even journalists met the inspector general of Islamabad police to do something to in stopping what they refer to as dangerous truck traffic rolling through the roads of Islamabad.

“These trucks have no regard for the other vehicles rolling on the roads, especially during the midnight,” said Mohammad Hayat, who remained luck to have minor injuries during fatal accident.

It is pertinent to mention here that the same issue was brought into knowledge of Inspector general of police last year too, however, it is still to be addressed.

According a police officer, who was the eye witness of accident too, the truck driver admitted on the spot that he was drunk and accepted the responsibility of accident.

Kohsar police arrested the driver and further action was in process.

Meanwhile on Monday, Golra police Islamabad has arrested three drug pushers including two women from various areas and recovered a total of 7,220 kilograms hashish and 2.5 kilograms heroin from their possession, a police spokesman said on Monday.

A police team headed by Sub-Inspector Ameer Umar from Golra police arrested a drug pusher Sifat Ullah from Sadat Colony during checking and recovered five kilogram hashish from him. Similarly, the same team also arrested a female identified as Nur Jihan from Golra Railway Station and recovered 2.500 kilogram heroin from her.

Police have registered the cases against these nabbed persons and further investigation is underway from them. SSP Islamabad Muhammad Yousuf Malik has appreciated this performance and directed all police officials to maintain high vigilance at police pickets as these are very effective in curbing crime.