LAHORE – Against the backdrop of growing differences between the PPP-led government and certain quarters of the establishment, the Chaudhrys of Gujrat known for their expertise regarding bridging gaps among various power centres, have started their efforts to make peace between the two power centres in a bid to sustain the current setup, TheNation has learnt.

Insiders in PML-Q privy to the developments told this correspondent on Monday that high command of the party had been requested by the PPP’s top leadership to broker a ceasefire between the PPP and a certain powerful quarter of the establishment.  The already existing differences between the two aggravated on the issue of Memogate and Nato raid on Mohmand checkpost. Initially the differences emerged between two when government empowered former ambassador to Washington, Husain Haqqani for giving visas to the US nationals bypassing the foreign office protocols, which provided room to CIA operatives like Raymond Davis to roam around the country unchecked.  Insiders quoted some senior party leaders as saying that PML-Q’s top leadership would go an extra mile to make peace between the PPP and the powerful quarter of the establishment. However, the PPP should avoid playing ‘double game’, as it employed delaying tactics on the issue of Memogate and gave free hand to the architect of Memogate for issuing unchecked visas to the US nationals who created havoc on Pakistani soil by aiding some anti-country elements, they maintained.

They further quoted the same leaders as saying that the PPP should rethink its foreign policy options regarding the US, as the next elections would be contested on the slogan of ‘He, who is loyal to Washington, is traitor’.

They told this scribe that a federal minister of PML-Q in the Federal Cabinet meeting in Karachi on December 25, strongly criticising the role of the PPP regarding Husain Haqqani, said the system could not be put on stake because of a person who was infamous for his contacts with anti-Pakistan think-tanks of the US and written books on the security services of the country painting them negatively.

The same minister continuing his speech further said that the PPP-led government should seriously rethink its support for a person who believes in serving his personal interests instead of looking after the interests of the country.  He added that the characters of the Memogate had their tilt towards the foreign powers, which fuelled anti-Pakistan movements in Fata and Balochistan.  Asked about the parleys between the Chaudhrys and a meaningful power centre, they quoted close circles of party’s top leadership as saying that government should have taken clear position on the Memogate and it should make serious efforts to root out corruption and exhibit good governance in a bid to pacify the heating emotions of the masses.

They quoted the same circles as saying that party’s high command in their private meetings were of the opinion that PPP was pursuing the wrong path, as the PPP leadership should think that the members of the security services also belong to this society and they were not aliens and strengthening them meant strengthening Pakistan.  A senior PML-Q leader on the issue of Chaudhrys’ role to bridge gap said they could certainly do that job, as they were considered as the sensible politicians among the circles of various power centres, as they had the qualities of flexible attitude and making adjustments with the people, which mattered in power game.  Riaz Hussain Pirzada, a PML-Q Federal Minister, when contacted, said Chaudhrys of Gujrat and PML-Q believed in practical politics and Shujaat and Pervaiz Elahi could certainly play the role of peacemakers if they were asked to do so.