Doggie dressing is big business in China for the fashion-conscious who like their pets to look as good as they do. During the annual Christmas parade in Nanjing there was fierce competition as contestants trotted confidently along the catwalk to the delight of the applauding audience.

The hot colour of the season was clearly red, as the contestants opted for a festive feel. Several of the pups sported garments designed by Paul Frank, whose distinctive monkey face design is more often found on T-shirts worn by humans.

Bobble hats worn at a jaunty angle and reindeer antlers gave proceedings a winter flavour, while bum-bags and trainers made the perfect accessories.

Runaway winner for the most flamboyant costume, however, was the retriever who combined a frilly pink skirt with woolly legwarmers and strutted her stuff clutching a wicker basket which contained a single red rose.            –DM