RAWALPINDI - Defense of Pakistan Council (DPC) Chairman and Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Sami (JUI-S) Ameer Maulana Sami-ul-Haq has said that Pakistan should present a four-point agenda to the United States of America (USA) for the future cooperation.

The four points included to accept Pakistan as nuclear power, resolve Kashmir dispute as per UN resolutions, pull out NATO forces from Afghanistan and eliminate Indian posts in Afghanistan. Maulana Sami said this while talking to TheNation here on Monday. He was flanked by JUI-S provincial Ameer Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa Yusaf Shah, Deputy Secretary Province Punjab Mehmood-ul-Hassan Balakoti and divisional Ameer Pir Muhammad Akbar Saqi Naqashbandi. JUI-S Ameer, condemning the US led NATO attack on Salala check post, said that if Pakistan wanted to restore NATO supply line than she should table four point agenda before America that included to recognize Pakistan as nuclear state, solve Kashmir issue according to UN resolutions, withdraw NATO forces from Afghanistan and eradicate Indian posts along with Pak-Afghan border.

He said that the rulers and their cronies were fighting America’s proxy war on terrorism in Pakistan. He said that Pakistan suffered a direct financial and life loss in the war.

Reacting on the statement of Maulna Abdul Ghafoor Haidri that DPC is agencies’ puppet, Maulana asserted that “Neither DPC is set up by intelligence agencies nor a political alliance rather it has own road map which aims at to get rid of US slavery”.

He added “Despite of that if we are dubbed as ISI puppets than I will say thanks to God that we are not the agents of CIA”. According to him, some people were fighting America’s war while DPC is battling against America.

The rift between the government and army or apex court is worrying, said Sami-ul-Haq in addition with all these should avoid from confrontation from each other as this would be in favor of enemies. He urged the government to strengthen the two institutions-army and Supreme Court-and let the SCP to launch probe into controversial memo issue to find out the truth.  Maulana also expressed his deep concerns over the poor economic condition of the country and energy crises. Commenting on police raid on a religious seminary in Karachi in which 50 chained students were recovered, Maulana Sami said that it was not the seminary rather was a hospital of drug addicts where parents left their drug addict children to be normalised them with the help of doctors.  He also condemned armed attack on a seminary in Shah Faisal, Karachi and demanded of the government to arrest the culprits.  Replying a query,  Maulana Sami-ul-Haq said Interior Minister Rehman Malik should be careful while issuing statements.

 about the seminaries as earlier two military dictators-General Zia and General Musharraf-tried to ridicule seminaries but both remained unsuccessful.