Christmas Day, or indeed Eve, may be a global celebration, but it’s tailored to each individual family. Wolverine star Hugh Jackman, 43 , headed straight to church with his wife Deborra-Lee Furniss, 56 , and their children Oscar, 11 , and six-year-old Ava. But after church, it was time for some fun and games. The Australian couple headed to a local park to play football, and judging by some of the antics on the pitch, it was definitely Aussie rules. Hugh tickled little Ava into hysterics as the blissfully content clan enjoyed Christmas their way. The couple enjoy one of the most solid marriages in showbiz, and Deborra recently revealed one of their secrets to making it work is getting Hugh to dress up as an account for her. Furness was so determined not to end up with a fellow actor she started fantasizing about someone sensible in finance. And even after breaking her vow and marrying Wolverine star Jackman 16-years ago she says her fantasy remains - and Hugh helps live it out. ‘I was always saying I’d marry somebody sensible, like a stockbroker.   –MO