LAHORE – PML-N MPA from PP-194, Multan, Shahid Mahmood Khan tendered his resignation to the Speaker Punjab Assembly on Monday after he announced his joining the PTI following Makhdoom Javed Hashmi who joined Imran Khan’s caravan on Saturday.

Shahid in his resignation has stated that the attitude of the party leadership and the party policies disappointed him and he took the decision of quitting the party and Assembly membership which he had secured in the February 2008 elections.

Shahid had faxed the resignation to Speaker Punjab Assembly Rana Muhammad Iqbal Khan from Multan but the latter wanted him to personally present the same.

The Speaker accepted the resignation and marked it for forwarding to the Election Commission for further proceedings.

While talking to media men outside the Punjab Assembly chamber on Monday, Shahid Mahmood Khan denied that the establishment had forced him to quit PML-N and resign from the Assembly.

He said Javed Hashmi and he had decided to resign after giving deep thought to this move.

Shahid dispelled the impression that Hashmi was motivated to resign under pressure from the agencies and stated that Hashmi had been the worst target of the agencies in the past and how could he today follow their dictates.

He said today a wave of change is blowing wherein the people well understand that PML-N and PPP which were rivals in the past, were together to protect their mutual interests.

To a question whether more MPAs are with him and poised to switch over to PTI, he did not give a straight answer but pleaded the ground on which he resigned.

He said he did not meet PML-N President Mian Nawaz Sharif before resignation.

He praised PTI slogan of ending corruption and holding accountability of the corrupt and said unless these measures are taken, fate of the masses cannot change.

He said his joining the PTI is above any greed or interest but unconditional.